Toggenburg Dairy Goats

  Mike & Peggy Young

143 Trails End Ln.

Franklin, Pa. 16323

e-mail:  [email protected]


Mike & Peggy Young

     We live in Franklin, PA with our 2 dogs, Katie & Dottie, an African Gray Parrott, Jake, and our 6 goats. Four registered Toggenburgs, two milking does and two kids, and two withers, (Mini Lamanchas). 

       We just got back into the goat business a year ago when I bought my husband a milking doe for his birthday.  He really missed his goats.  We sold them over 30 years ago and wanted more.  Well, one led to getting a second one so we would have enough milk for the 5 grandchildren who live next door. That ment we needed to breed the two does which put us up to 4 goats.  Then we joined ADGA and also joined the loca branch of WPDGA.  At one of the meetings we saw the two little kids, a cross between a Nigerin Drawaf and a Lamancha and decided we needed them for my mother in law who also lives with us.  She is 91 years old and wanted her own goat.  She always had goats as a child and just loves them. 

       Beside enjoying our animals & our grandchildren we also enjoy boating, fishing & camping, and really like hanging out around the campfire in the evenings!

Katie our Standard Poodle

Jake our Parrott